About Us
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Chukwukadibia Writes is the dream of one man – a dream that took root in writing. This website (https://chukwukadibiawrites.com) is an online resource platform for up and coming and established writers who are looking for inspiration on how to get better at what they love doing – writing.

Launched in the second week of January 2020, Chukwukadibia Writes is working tirelessly to become the one-stop platform for writers and different professional content creators.

With many categories that are carefully chosen to reflect the objective of the platform, Chukwukadibia Writes will be providing new and valuable content on a daily basis. That way, you and many other readers that visit here daily will have one or more ideas to enrich your life and keep you motivated to keep doing what you love doing best.

About the Founder/CEO

Dreams do become reality only if we put in the work to make it work. It takes passion, commitment, and continuous quest for more ideas to get better at what you do.

The above assertions are not only the mindset of the Founder and CEO of Chukwukadibia Writes. They are also what he has been practicing and can testify that they work.

Chukwukadibia Writes is the brainchild of Chukwukadibia Abah, a Professional Content Creator extraordinaire. Chukwukadibia Abah conceived the thoughts of having his own platform in late 2019 after he has written well over 5 million words over a period of 2 years at an average of 7,000 words per day.

He felt the nudge to establish his platform so that he can further his writing career that already took a more advanced shape after he got some of his clients to publish the articles he wrote for them using his name.

Worthy of mention is that Chukwukadibia Abah started writing when he was still in High School. At the time, he wrote about five (5) novels, but by the time he graduated, the manuscripts were nowhere to be found. So, it seemed like he forgot all about writing.

After his graduation from the Higher Institution where he studied English and Literary Studies, he took up a job in January 2016 at a petrochemical factory where he helped in the production of polythene bags. A few months later, precisely in April 2016, he resigned from his position at the factory to take up a professional career as a teacher.

His muse came back at this time and he began to write articles once more for clients. At the time, he didn’t own a smartphone. He only had what we can term an “analogue phone”, which only has keyboards on its body. It hindered his works very much because he didn’t have a Personal Computer (PC)/laptop and no smartphone that could have made the tasks simpler.

So, he resorted to surfing the Internet with his “analogue phone” to gather information about the articles he intended to write. He will then jot down the ideas on a paper and if the clients he worked for don’t permit him to type with his phone, he would proceed to make use of a Cyber Café to typeset the articles.

This continued for about a year before he got his first (used) PC and that made the tasks easier. However, the PC soon developed some faults a few months later and he resorted to using the Cyber Café again. At other times, he would borrow his friend’s laptop to work late into the night as late as 4 am before he gets set to get to the school where he taught for the day’s activities.

The Vision Became Clearer

Chukwukadibia Abah, the founder of Chukwukadibia Writes, later handed-in his resignation letter to his former employer where he taught English and Literature from April 2016 to December 2018.

Ever since then, he took his writing career seriously and has worked with over 50 clients (both local and international) from the time he started writing professionally.

Today, Chukwukadibia Abah has grown in the Grace of God to move from a writer that didn’t own a PC nor smartphone to build a brand that later metamorphosed into Chukwukadibia Writes.

He is now a mentor to thousands of people who are daily inspired by the heights he has attained and is working harder to get to the height he has attained and even surpass him to the Glory of God.

Chukwukadibia Abah, the Founder/CEO of Chukwukadibia Writes has since been using the platform to give valuable tips that give writers a headstart so they wouldn’t give up but continue to forge ahead with the hopes that their writing career will someday shoot them to the moon.

The Journey

After registering the domain name on January 7, 2020, Chukwukadibia Abah, the founder of Chukwukadibia Writes (https://chukwukadibiawrites.com) proceeded to make in-depth researches to figure out the relevant articles he can publish.

A few weeks later, he published the first content and ever since then, it has been a success all through as the blog has continued to wax stronger and makes impacts in many lives all over the world.