10 Courses I Took and Passed With A’s In the University of Poverty

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Here are the ten things I learnt from being poor. You too should learn them too!
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The University of Poverty is a core training ground for the high and the low; the poor and the rich. Whether you are on the Forbes’ List of Billionaires today or you are part of those that are categorized as living “in less than $2 per day,” you must have passed through the University of Poverty without knowing it.

No, this is not like the conventional High School or University where you pay high fees and at the end of your four to five years of study, you are handed a paper that shows you are certified to be employed.

No, I am not talking about that. Isn’t the conventional educational system already going to extinction in the light of the more unemployable and inexperienced graduates it produces?

I am talking about the University of Poverty. It is the Number One University in the world. You can find it everywhere. It is in every country but sadly, many people have failed to recognize it. So, it had no other option than to relocate to our minds and there it has built a formidable structure that cannot be wished away.

Poverty as the Main Course

In the University of Poverty, you are meant to take a different course – the same way you would in the traditional universities. The main course there is “Poverty” and it reflects in every other course that is offered in the university.

Unlike the conventional universities that offer courses that are centered on gaining knowledge and getting prepared for employment, the University of Poverty took a detour. Here, you are taken through different courses, which are designed to make sure that you are mentally equipped, as well as having an all-around development in your personality.

I have attended and graduated from the University of Poverty, and I want to use this opportunity to inform you of the ten (10) major courses I took there and what they mean to me, to you, and to the larger society.

1.      Hold Onto Your Hope…Or Die Trying

Like 50 Cent echoed in one of his songs, you are either to “Get Rich, or Die Trying.” In the same way, the University of Poverty has a course on that. The course basically centers on helping the students to hold onto their hopes or die in the process of doing so.

You see, hope is the last thing that occurs before anybody gives up. When you are hopeless, you are not certain of what the next day will bring. That is one essential thing about poverty. Being poor makes you have hope at all times. The hopes that things will turn around for good for you.

You may not know when, but you are confident that it will happen. That’s hope! That is the first course I took and passed with an A at the University of Poverty.

I began to master how to make hope to grow in the inside of me. Like a flower that blossoms when there are water and sunshine, I kept my hopes alive knowing that it is the single tool I will ever need to stop my flower from whither.

2.      I Understand the Value of a Dollar

Coming from a poor background like many of us are coming from too, I have seen, talked with, sat down on a roundtable discussion with, and shook hands with poverty.

So, I understand what it means to have a sizeable amount of money that you can call yours. Ever since I took up a career in Freelance Writing, I have been able to understand the value of a Dollar and indeed, every other currency.

I now understand the importance of the money that comes into my hands, and I have made foolproof plans to keep the money coming.

3.      It Costs Money to Be Poor

A poor man can get poorer and become indebted because of poverty too. I have seen it happen, so I know what I am saying.

It costs money to be poor in the sense that you tend to miss out on some offers. For example, if you wanted to buy a tin of milk for $5 but you are offered 3 tins of milk for $10 but all you have is $5 in your pocket, you can see that it actually costs money to be poor.

If you were to buy 3 tin of milk a month at that price, you will be spending $15 in all, when you could have saved $5 if you were able to get the 3 for $5.

4.      Simple Things Mean the World

When you are poor and have lived in poverty for many years, you will understand that simple things mean a lot.

That is why you will jump up when you are handed a new cloth, simply because you couldn’t have afforded it in the first place.

5.      I Became Proud of My Achievements

One “course” I took in the University of Poverty is the one that borders on celebrating my little achievements. Without despising the days of little beginning, I am thrilled by any little achievement I make, and by every milestone I attain.

That is because I had no helper to help me pull through. So, every little thing I successfully completed becomes a source of pride to me.

6.      You Will Make a Lot of Enemies

Contrary to the popular opinion that poor people who later became rich have more enemies, the reverse is the case. Many poor people have many enemies.

The enmity stirs from the fact that the poor ones may either not be able to pay off their bills or they cannot help out their friends who may be in need. Because the human mind is tricky, they are perceived to be less concerned about the progress of others, and there starts the enmity!

7.      Family Is Irreplaceable

No matter how rough the road is and how tough the journey is, your family will always have your back.

8.      Self-Development Is Important

I understood the importance of developing myself in all ramifications. My teaching background notwithstanding, I have been able to develop myself in many other ways.

Today, I am a successful Freelance Writer, Blogger, 3D and Whiteboard Animation Expert, and Digital Marketer.

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Being poor have a way of setting your brain to work, and when you keep at it, you will be successful.

9.      You Become Miserable When You Compare

The grass is always green. It only depends on the angle you look at it from. I am not trying to delve into motivational speaking, but that is the fact. You will only become miserable when you start comparing things.

Instead of comparing your status with that of the others, why don’t you work harder at what you do so you can be successful in your own way?

10. Develop a Hard Shell

Someone who has been poor understands the importance of not lending an ear to what people have to say.

Because not everybody will like you and because many people are waiting for you to make a slip to pull you down, you must develop a hard shell.

This means that you wouldn’t be bothered by the events that could have negatively affected you in the past. Instead, your thick shell helps you to maintain a positive mindset and keep pressing on even in the midst of odds.

I Have Graduated from the University of Poverty

I have swum the waters of poverty and I know how deep they are. To everyone that is struggling to find their feet, I want you to hold on and keep doing what you know how to do best. One day, you shall overcome!

I have graduated from the University of Poverty and I know that one day, you too will graduate and give your testimony like I am doing!

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