10 Reasons Why Shy People Make the Best Writers

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Shy people make the best writers and this article will enlighten you the more.
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Writing may or may not be your calling. But, there are many people out there who are meant to be better writers if they looked into it. Those people are shy people – the introverts.

You may be wondering if there are particular people who are destined to be writers instead of the others. Indeed, there are. Introverts (shy people) tend to make better writers, and I will tell you why if you will stop being shy for a moment.

Why Are Writers Generally Shy and Introverted in Nature?

Have you come across a writer? How do you know a writer? Do you know someone or have a friend that is a writer? How do you know such a person is a writer?

I will give you a clue. It may not always work for some people but it is generally true. Most writers are shy. That is why writers are often regarded (rightly) as being shy and introverted.

If you haven’t been aware of this fact, I just gave you a clue.

But, why are writers shy? Does it mean they can’t be extroverts or ambiverts? Read on to discover why introverts are good writers.

1.      Introverts are Observers

I guess you are someone that wants to see things from different perspectives. You want to see the two (or more) different approaches to issues. It also extends to your friends and circles. You have friends who are introverts and others who are extroverts.

Now, if you have had some meeting with your friends or a discussion, who contributes the more? The extroverts! The sociable ones!

Yes, that’s right. Extroverts tend to socialize the more. They talk the more. They laugh the more.

On the other hand, the introverts are always quiet. They want to be left alone.

Like a snail, introverts want to crawl back into their shell.

Introverts dislike “crowd.” They don’t want to continually be in the eyes of people. They just want to be left alone.

However, if you force an introvert to be sociable, the reverse will be the case. The introvert/shy person would rather listen to other speaks than contribute.

It is by this strategy of observation that introverts or shy people tend to become better writers.

Writing has to do with the ability to also have an eye for details. So, introverts observe and take note of things, which will later form part of the basis for their next write-ups.

Besides, Susan Cain, the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking summed it all up. She asserted introverts “listen more than they talk, think before they speak, and often feel as if they express themselves better in writing than in conversation.”

She also dropped the punch line “Writers tend to dislike conflict.” This is because the opinion of introverted writers tends to “shouted down” by the extroverts who feel they know better.

Given that introverts would rather keep quiet in the face of adversity than respond, they prefer to stick to observation.

2.      Introverts Converse When All Other People Have Gone

In as much as introverts or shy people avoid company; they may still be drawn into it. Their strongest point at such times is to continue from where others stopped.

Ideally, the backbone of introverted writers is their ability to “continue a conversation in their heads when every other person has gone.” This means that the introverts will then go through all the other people have said and make a definite meaning out of it all.

That is why many introverts (especially those in the writing industry) would rather spend time meditating than chatting.

3.      Writing Is Fun for Introverts

Not everyone would like to pick up a pen and paper to write. When was the last time you did that by the way?

The same applies to the few people who love to punch away at their computer’s keyboard.

All those are the challenges of the extroverts. For the introverts, it is a different ball game.

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Introverts make the best writers because they see writing as fun. From J.K. Rowling to E.B. White, it goes to show that writing is fun.

I, Chukwukadibia Abah should also be on that list. I can’t stay a day without writing an average of 6,000 words. That is how fun writing can be for me!

4.      Introverts Make the Best Writers Because They Are Creative

I know many people will argue for or against whether creativity is inborn or is learned. No matter the side of the debate you are on, the fact is that creativity has a lot of things to do with introverts.

When it comes to that, introverts are considered the best of writers because their creativity is top-notch.

It was Albert Einstein that asserted “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.” Because introverts would rather be alone than in a company; they have the opportunity to harness their creativity to the fullest.

Besides, shutting themselves out of the noise outside makes it ideal for introverts to continually use their imagination. When they imagine, they look for a way to express what they imagined. Writing is that way!

5.      Introverts are Thought Leaders

No, it’s not about your favourite Instagram and Facebook influencers. It is about writers who are thought leaders by their own right.

The idea here is that introverts tend to think and meditate more than extroverts do. It is also because they have more time to themselves because of the few social activities they engage in.

6.      Introverts Are Not to Criticism

This is a brutal truth and I know it will unsettle many. The fact is that introverts are not entirely used to criticism.

You know, we are humans. We often want to know what other people think of us. We want validation. When those opinions from people begin to come in, we begin to get ideas of what people think of us.

For introverts, it can be a bad business day and I will tell you why. Introverts (like every other human) want to be praised.

When all they get is more criticisms and a few pats on the back, they tend to recoil into their shells. Many introverts failed to make a comeback in such cases because they believe they don’t have anything to offer.

So, introverts being people that are not entirely used to criticism would rather stay out of “public eye” than to remain there.

They spend more time writing than engaging in discussions. By being consistent with that, introverts will venture into a full-time writing career.

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Then, when they are called to stand in the court of meaning, their write-ups will convey a succinct view that would be better than the backlash they could have gotten if they focused more on endless and criticism-filled discussions.

7.      Writing Is Less Intimidating and More Productive

Introverts are one of the most productive people on earth. They spend more time working on an already thought idea or they will be “building a new empire” in their heads.

Little wonder why introverts are often regarded as “daydreamers” because of the many ideas they have imagined and stored in their brain.

Now, introverts find writing as a better way to communicate their thoughts and avoid intimidation.

Because humans have different characteristics and traits that set them apart, introverts wouldn’t want to be made fun of when they are pitched with someone that is advanced than they are.

What do introverts do then? They avoid public gatherings or anything that will draw them into a discussion. They would rather write so that their write-ups will stand in for them instead of their physical self.

That way, introverts would avoid staying in a room with intimidating eyes staring back at them.

8.      Introverts are Easily Inspired

Do you lack inspiration? Do you want to be inspired? Then make friends with introverts! They are one of the most inspirational people on earth.

They may not communicate those inspirations to you verbally. But, if you can get them to be friendly and feel at ease with you, it will be possible to tap into their inspiration.

Now, introverts are good writers over extroverts because they are easily inspired. While the likes of extroverts and ambiverts will take a lesson or two from a particular story or movie, introverts will take hundreds.

The beauty of it all is that the lessons introverts learned are not only many. Those lessons can further be turned into many more stories.

I do that a great deal. When seeing a movie, I can get hooked by a phrase from any of the authors. I will then expand it and have over five (5) content ideas.

Sometimes, I feel like my head is bursting because of the many content ideas I have in it. I am not a Supercomputer though. So, I may not write on all of them at a go.

I hope you get the point now? Introverts are better writers because they make a great story out of everything they come across.

9.      Introverts are the Best Writers Because They Get Things Done

Procrastination is one of the greatest banes to success. You would rather put something off for a later date instead of doing it now.

Introverts are not like that. Hence, they make better writers than extroverts who will be more interested in catching fun and socializing than getting things done.

In this case, introverts aren’t the type of people to be easily distracted by the noise made outside. They would rather shut themselves indoors and get to work.

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However, if outside influences and the noise become unbearable, introverts most times use an earphone to play music so they can continue their work.

You want someone that can write for you and get it done immediately? Hire an introvert.

Introverts perfectly understand what it takes to write. Unlike many people out there who can start a great story and stop midway, introverts will start a great story and follow the difficult pattern of sitting down and completing it.

10. Being Empathetic Makes Introverts Better Writers

Introverts are good at “being in other people’s shoes.” They perfectly understand how the other person feels even when a word hasn’t been said. You can call them “”mind readers” if you like.

Introverts tend to “think a lot and not say much” but they understand how other people feel.

That is why introverts are very good at creating fictional characters when writing. May be, one of these days, your introvert friend will write a book using your life experiences as the theme.

Shy People Make the Best Writers

I don’t know if you have a contrary opinion but I believe you now have a different perspective about introverts. They make the best writers for the reasons explained above and for many others I didn’t mention.

Do you think introverts make the best writers?

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