The 5 Killer Advanced SEO Strategies That Will Triple Your Traffic in 2020

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SEO trends help you to be abreast with what is needed to remain relevant in blogging. Here are the major advanced SEO strategies to watch out for in 2020.
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It is no longer news that the advanced SEO strategies are one of the best medium for gaining considerable traffic to your blog. That is not news as I mentioned earlier.

The main news that is sending every blogger you know on a haywire is the fact that some mischievous persons have asserted that “SEO is dead.”

But, is SEO really dead? Do you want to know my opinion on that?

SEO is Dead and Buried

Believe it or not – SEO is dead and has been buried. It has long been buried and you may only find the skeleton and the remaining flesh when you look into the grave.

Yes, SEO is dead because we are no longer doing SEO. It is now for the up and coming bloggers. We have dumped SEO and taken a walk like a damsel that quit a relationship and walked out with her head held high and her waist swinging.

Bloggers that worth their onion are no longer doing SEO and for good reasons too! Bloggers are now rushing off to make use of the advanced SEO strategies, which is the latest “shining gem” in the blogging industry.

So, I advise that you suspend hitting more “Publish” buttons to get your new blog posts published.

Because believe me, you will be losing more traffic than you expect to gain if you still make use of the current SEO strategy you have been using for a decade.

What is Advanced SEO?

People change. Animals change their behaviors too. Your once lovely dog can wake up one morning after an infection and rush for your leg with its teeth digging into your fresh skin.

Such things do happen. So, you need to learn how to do SEO to increase traffic, especially now that the blogging industry has over 4.5 million blogs in existence

Y ou have to rank higher but that can only be possible when you have mastered the important SEO strategy that can move your traffic from 50 to 5,000 a day.

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First things first – what is advanced SEO? You already know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a combination of strategies and timely application so that you can compete harder to be on the front/first pages of Search Engines.

So, what is the word “Advanced” doing there and what difference does it make? Advanced SEO simply put, are a set of complex and yet-to-be-tapped strategies, which can be leveraged to bolster your presence in the blogging community.

The assurance, therefore, is that when you master the advanced SEO strategies, you will be able to gain more traffic.

What is the Best Advanced SEO Strategy?

So, what is the SEO strategy you need to use right now that will guarantee your success at ranking higher on the Search Engines?

I have shared them below.

SEO Strategy #1: Republish Old Blog Posts

“Old things have not passed away in this case.” You don’t have to stick to the fact that older posts should remain the bottom of your blog while the newer ones will be at the top.

Contrary to the reverse chronological order of blogs, you can actually “resurrect” your old content to come up to the top of the blog.

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One of the ways to do that is by republishing or repurposing your old blogs. The idea is that as things keep progressing, there will be changes.

So, you don’t expect that a blog post you published in 2018 will still remain relevant in 2020 if you didn’t add some information about the current year.

Therefore, you have to “go back to the drawing board” and look at those older blog posts you published. See which of them need some upgrade and repurpose it to look new.

Advanced SEO Strategy #2: Use Captivating Headlines

You may have heard that “one of the ways to capture readers is by arresting them with the headlines.” If you must gain more traffic to your blog in 2020, you need to make sure that you are using the appropriate headlines.

I could have chosen “Advanced SEO Strategies for 2020” as the title for this blog post.

But I did something different. That difference is the reason why you are reading this blog post right now. That difference is the headline.

You can see that I infused some emotional words into it. These are “Killer” and “Triple Your Traffic.” Of course, you are looking to gain more readers this year. So, you clicked to see what you needed to do to actualize that.

You get the gist now? Always make sure that you use captivating headlines because if you do otherwise, you may be losing more traffic than you are to get.

Advanced SEO Strategy #3: Spy on Your Competitors

We all have competitors. There is always a brand out there that is on the top, and you want to be there too. That is your competitor!

If you must take over the position held by your competitor, you need to have some insights into how your competitor works. One of those ways is by spying on your competitors.

You can spy on your competitors using different channels. Some of these are:

Advanced SEO Strategy #4: Link Out to Authority Sites

I understand that most bloggers are scared to “give links” to other websites. They are trying to gain more traffic and not to direct their readers to visit other sites.

That’s more like shooting oneself on the foot.

But, it isn’t. There is no gun there for you to shoot with. Even if there is, there will be no bullet inside it.

So, what’s the point?

The idea is that as a blogger that wants to gain relevance, you have to give links to authority sites. You may want to do that by making it a “nofollow link.”

Nonetheless, when you starting linking out to other articles published on established and bigger sites than yours, you will be indirectly telling Google that those sites are to be trusted.

And what is that they said about “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are?”

That is exactly what will happen – you will also be establishing yourself as an authority.

Therefore, the next thing you want to publish another article, make sure you add some external or outbound links to it so that you will be bolstering the visibility of your blog.

Advanced SEO Strategy #5: Use Content Clustering

Many beginners in the world of blogging have been told to make use of longtail keywords and to dominate it too.

What’s the reason?

They are made to believe that by dominating or using a particular longtail keyword more often, you will be able to improve the Domain Authority (DA) of your site.

On the contrary, you don’t have to write thousands of articles on particular keywords before your blog ranks on the first page.

Instead, start practicing what is called “Content Clustering.”

The idea is that the different topics you could have written on using a particular longtail keyword should now be looped.

Gather them all together and make them into one lengthy post. You may want to make it into a guide with different chapters so that once the readers are through with one chapter, they can move to the others.

For better navigation, you want to create separate URLs for each of the chapters so that they will be linked to the main guide.

Why You Must Start Using the Advanced SEO Strategies

Bloggers want traffic. They really do. Because the influx of readers to a blog is a direct signal to Google that the blog is doing well, bloggers tend to take it seriously.

However, there are always changes in the blogging industry and if you are not flowing with the tide, you will be tossed away.

That is why you must start using the more robust SEO strategies as discussed above to increase traffic for your blog.

Of course, you can be sure that your competitors have got unto these secrets and are already making plans to use them.

The primary step that separates you from your competitors is to take action. Are you ready to implement those advanced SEO strategies up there to increase your blog’s traffic?

Or will you rather wait for your competitors to take the first step and beat you to the game?

It is time you become decisive and take blogging seriously because believe me; thousands of blogs will be launched this year.

If you must remain relevant, you need to become a pro at how to use the advanced SEO strategies not just for traffic, but to also publish captivating content.

Leverage Advanced SEO Strategies to Triple Your Traffic

I am sure that you have now seen the importance of using advanced SEO strategies to grow your blog and get more traffic.

So, which other advanced SEO strategies do you think will establish you as a blogger of influence in 2020 and beyond?

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