5 Challenges Faced by Writers and How to Overcome Them

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Challenges faced by writers
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Challenges faced by writers are not only many but can also lead to the end of their careers.

Writers can be one of the most creative and most jovial persons you will ever meet but there are challenges faced by writers that you don’t know about. If you are a writer or you know someone that is, you need to understand those challenges they may be having.

Recalling that a problem that is known can easily be solved, I have researched and come up with the five (5) major challenges that many writers tend to face at different points in the course of their career. I have also explained some of the remedies or steps that can be taken to overcome or address those challenge anytime they come knocking.

1.     Lack of Productivity is a Challenge for Writers

It is surprising that the writers’ brain, which is meant to be a “knowledge powerhouse” will all of a sudden, seems to be bereft of ideas. It happens and that leads to a lack of productivity. When you are kicked into and stuck at a corner, you will find it hard to get out except you can figure your way out of it.

Some of the factors that can bolster your low productivity include but not limited to living in a noisy environment, such as a place that is filled with kids. You can also become unproductive by staying in a place that doesn’t spur your muse into action.

How to Overcome Low Productivity

The remedy is to switch to a place that is not counter-productive. You may consider packing into an apartment that is in a serene neighbourhood. If you are short of cash to do that, you may consider going out to write in a café or any other place that guarantees your productivity.

2.     Getting Paying Clients is a Challenge for Writers

If you are not writing for yourself, such as blogging, then you may be looking to make money from your writing skills. The challenge here is to get clients that pay you the more. You believe you have the writing skills. You have also been called “William Shakespeare the Second” but you haven’t been able to get real and paying clients.

How to Overcome Limited or Few Paying Clients

If your current clients are not paying well or you need to get access to other clients that can appreciate your skills with more funds, you may want to consider plying your trade on freelancing platforms where you get paid to complete tasks at a designated time.

3.     Emotional Breakdown

Writers are not carved from stone. They have feelings too and tend to break down, especially when overwhelmed by emotions. This is not all about getting a breakup message from your boyfriend or girlfriend or some other trivial affairs.

Sometimes, you may suffer emotional breakdown based on the (harsh) criticisms you received from someone else, such as a client. It can also be triggered by self-doubt/inferiority complex, and when you cannot get yourself to work.

How You Can Overcome Emotional Breakdown As A Writer

The rule of thumb to overcoming emotional breakdown is to assure yourself that you are above any problems that you may be facing. If you can, travel or go on vacation to relieve the pain and continue from where you stopped with your writing.

4.     Overbearing Clients is Another Challenge That Writers Face

Clients are one of the sustainers of writers but they can also be overbearing. Since “customers are always right” and “clients are always right” in this case, you may have to put up with their overbearing attitudes. From putting you under pressure to deliver projects before time, and paying you less, you may have a hard time to get over it all.

More so, having an overbearing client is the last thing a writer should wish for. That is because your self-worth will be degraded, your self-esteem shattered, and you will be literally be made to work more than you should. In the long run, your spirit will be dampened.

How to Overcome Overbearing Clients

Diplomacy is the magic wand here. You have to calmly explain to the client that he is becoming overbearing and you seek to be allowed to work at your pace. If such pleas are overlooked and the overbearing attitudes continue, you may consider quitting the continuation of the project because your sanity comes first before any other thing.

5.     Writer’s Block

I saved the best for the last. Writer’s Block is one of the challenges faced by writers and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

Writer’s Block implies that writers will find it difficult to come up with ideas to write about. It also puts you out of the mood to write, and you may not even know when you will be in the mood again – which is what is termed “getting back your muse”.

How Can You Overcome Writer’s Block?

You can overcome writer’s block in many ways. First, you need to stop looking at “Writer’s Block” because indeed, there is nothing called “Writer’s Block”. It is just the figment of the writer’s imagination.

Second, you may consider finding out those issues that may have triggered Writer’s Block in the first place and address them.

The last but not least – learn to always eat well, rest and exercise so you will always be in a good frame of mind to write.

Final Thoughts on Challenges Faced by Writers

Writers are humans too and tend to come across one problem or the other. Just like conventional businesses, writing is demanding and can cause the persons involved (writers) to come across many challenges.

When you come across any of those challenges faced by writers, do not run away. Instead, remember that the pen (writing) is mightier than the sword (challenges) and you can overcome those problems. Tackle the challenges head-on and emerge victoriously and even more fortified to carry on with what you love doing – writing.

You may have faced one challenge or two as a writer. How were you able to overcome the challenge(s)?

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