5 Habits That Will Kill and Bury Your Quest for Success

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Habits that will kill and bury your quest for success
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The definition of success varies by people. While one side of people’s perception of success looks at it as the long hours you put into work at the office, the other school of thought believes success is by thinking like a successful person. Some people also think that choosing to spend their day with successful people makes them successful – success is not contagious.

Some other people are of the belief that working hard to make money is a success. Instead, that is only half of the story.

Habits Can Kill Your Quest for Success

Success is not external. It cannot be gotten by associating with those that have it. It is not transmitted in any way. It is internal. And there are habits that can hold you back from being successful.

1.      Waiting for the Perfect Time

There is never a perfect time to do anything. Many of us are living under the illusion that working during specific hours during the day guarantees your success. Some others think that waiting for an indication is the best way to know that it is time to get to work.

Waiting for the perfect time is a trap many (unsuccessful) people have fallen into. Like an abyss, it keeps getting wider as you keep waiting for more time. The more time you crave for it, the more your chances of sinking into the abyss and getting lost in the wind.

The wait for the perfect time makes it easier for you to lose opportunities that could have changed your life for good. You also get stuck in your comfort zone and become “blind” to taking exploring steps that could have opened new opportunities.

2.      Procrastination is Not the Best Habit

Procrastination is more or less “waiting for the perfect time” but there are more things to it. First, procrastination comes with an interesting indulgence to keep things off for a later time. It is an indulgence that satiates your excuse for the moment only for you to realize later that you have wasted your whole day.

You keep procrastinating in different ways. You procrastinate to excuse yourself from working. You don’t want to complete a task at this time only to feel like a failure, unsuccessful, and terrible for not working all along.

3.      Comparing Yourself to Others is Another Habit

No two persons are equal or will take the same route in life. You are different and unique, just like other people are. Therefore, you need to get rid of the thought pattern that other people are doing better than you are.

You always look on the bright side (not a bad idea anyway) but fail to understand that there are darker hours behind the successful people you know. You keep focusing on the goals crushed by your mates – the Under 30 Nominations, the Forbes’ Listings, and the Magazine appearances.

It wouldn’t be long before you feel less worthy of yourself, slip into depression and say goodbye to your dreams and aspirations.

4.      Making Empty Promises

It doesn’t matter if you made the promise to yourself or to someone else. The promise could be accomplishing a goal or to make a new acquisition.  The rule of thumb is to ensure that you do not make promises.

Instead, ensure you do all it takes to fulfill the promises you make. Hence, consider the ways you can accomplish your goals.

You can also make the calendar your friend so you can mark the days the promises are to be fulfilled and work towards that.

5.      Avoid the Habit of Planning without a Plan

You planned to fail in the first place. You cannot be talking about accomplishing goals without setting them. The lack of plans makes you walk around in a circle. You will lack focus and finally give up.

Start planning your success by taking the right steps and you will be glad you did.

Habits Can Kill Your Quest for Success without Your Knowing It

Many of the reasons that we have more unsuccessful people in the society are because they lacked clarity of purpose, bidding a time that never seems to come, and looking at accomplishing goals they never set in the first place. You tend to become unsuccessful without knowing it and your habits and daily way of life can be the cause.

Are you ready for success? What are those habits that can hinder you from getting to the top? Let me know in the comment section!

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