7 Blogging Mistakes That Make You Lose Traffic

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You may be making inevitable mistakes in your blogging career without knowing it. Here are the 7 blogging mistakes you make, and how to avoid them.
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We fall and we rise, and making blogging mistakes shouldn’t be a death sentence. Because there are billions of blogs existing all over the world, you want to be sure that you are not doing the wrong time at the right time, and the right time at the wrong time.

Indeed, blogging mistakes for beginners may not be inevitable because they are just joining the industry.

Can the same be said of the pro bloggers who for some reasons, seemed to have lost track and made similar mistakes too?

That goes to show that anybody, no matter how experienced, can make blogging mistakes. In such situations, you will be considering whether to blog or not to blog.

Before you give up and stop blogging, I want you to know the blogging mistakes to avoid. I am sure that understanding these loopholes will go the extra mile to help you in understanding what you need to stop doing.

What Are the Common Blogging Mistakes?

Without wasting more time that could open up more opportunities for mistakes, here are the seven (7) major blogging mistakes that can make you lose traffic.

1.      You Are Making a Blogging Mistake by Publishing Short Content

I understand that you don’t want to bore your readers with long-form content that is filled with fluffy words just to increase the word count.

In as much as the attention span of people has drastically dropped to 8 seconds (similar to that of a goldfish), you can always capture the attention of your readers.

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Using short-form content or articles is not the only way to hook your readers. Long-form content is also helpful.

Maybe you are not aware but Search Engines (especially Google) have made important updates to their algorithms.

Now, short-form content is not widely publicized as the others that are longer. This is because Google and other Search Engines want your audience to spend more time on your blog.

Therefore, you need to solve that problem by creating long-form content. If you are not sure your readers will read to the end, you can use different strategies to keep them glued.

You can promise them a gift if they read the article to the end. The gift could be a digital product, such as an Electronic Book (eBook).

You may also want to use shorter sentences so the flow of the content will be easy.

2.      You Expect Your Blog Posts to Go Viral

Overly dependency on the outcome of a blog post is one of the common blogging mistakes.

You are expecting that your blog posts will go viral. When that doesn’t happen, you tend to get depressed and feel like your content isn’t appreciated.

On the contrary, you need to stop being too confident that your blog posts will go viral. Just do your best by optimizing the content and let the readers decide on whether they will share the article or not.

3.      You are a Plagiarist

Nobody knows it all. I agree with that. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be creative in your own way.

For example, you should have the good sense to change the wordings and the structure of the article or content you want to copy.

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Plagiarism is a “big crime” in the blogging industry. You shouldn’t make yourself a criminal” in that regard by becoming a plagiarist.

Instead of copying verbatim, it is advised that you read the content that inspired you. Jot down the few points and use the same to form your own opinion.

Always aim for a plagiarism check score of 85% and above.

However, if you are not so good with using words, you may want to copy content and give credit to the original owner.

4.      Inconsistency is One of the Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Do you blog today and the next time you will blog is next week? You are simply being inconsistent and that’s the harsh truth.

You are leaving a lot of money on the table when you are not consistent or steady with your blogging career.

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To solve this problem, I advise that you have a Content Calendar, which helps you to organize your blog posts’ schedule.

You may also want to start with two or three blog posts weekly if you are a beginner.

Then, as you advance, you can always focus on creating content on a daily basis.

5.      You Don’t Compel Your Readers to Read

You want to have traffic to your blog. Yet, when the traffic comes, you will be inadvertently driving it away.

The type of writing style you use has a way of retaining or scaring off readers. When the latter becomes commonplace than the former, it is an indication that you are already making the blogging mistakes you should never make.

Your writing style is too stiff or too professional than friendly. There is a need to infuse some elements of personality and conversational because it helps to create personal interaction between you and your readers.

It is time you start making use of the personal pronouns “I and We” instead of just focusing on just using names.

6.      You Use Broad Topics

What are broad topics? They are those blog topics that would scare off potential reader.

Do you know that a blog topic, such as “How to Make Money Online” will drive away traffic than get you more readers? Why is that so, you may ask? The simple answer is that the blog topic is too broad.

There are many ways to make money on the Internet, and since it wasn’t clear which of the ways you are referring to, your potential readers will walk away.

Instead of doing that, make sure you “niche down” so the aim of the content will be specified even at the “Title level.” For the example used above, you may want to rephrase the blog topic to be “How to Make Money Online from Writing.”

7.      You Don’t Capture Leads on Your Blog

I left the best for the last. Except you are some moneybag, you want to maximize every dollar you put into your blog.

Instead of running a Social Media marketing campaign anytime you publish a new blog post, why don’t you capture leads on your blog?

The inability to capture has since been part of the common blogging mistakes. It means you will have to spend more money to get to more people (who may not have even heard about you and your blog before).

If you want to avoid this blogging mistake, I advise that you start capturing the data of your readers. You can use built-in WordPress Forms (WP Forms) on your blog or install MailMunch to help you with capturing leads.

Stop Making Common Blogging Mistakes

If you must succeed at blogging, you have to learn about the mistakes you have been making and start avoiding them.

The above are only but a few of the common blogging mistakes to avoid.

I hope you have gotten insights on what to do when you are faced with such challenges.

What blogging mistakes have you been making?

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