7 Surprising Benefits of Procrastination

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Procrastination can help you in many ways. Find out in this article, the seven (7) surprising benefits of procrastination.
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There are different sides to a coin and the benefits of procrastination happen to be one of it. For good reasons too, many people believe that procrastination is bad.

That is why there are proven ways for beating procrastination.

That notwithstanding, the concept of “two sides to a coin” tends to come into play. Indeed, there are surprising benefits of procrastination that you never knew about.

The 7 Hidden Benefits of Procrastination

If you have been wondering if there is really anything like positive procrastination, I want you to understand that there is.

You can actually draw inspiration from procrastination if you go about it the right way.

And detailed below are the seven (7) good things about procrastination.

1.      There Is a Trait Between Procrastination and Creativity

“The worst procrastinators are the most creative people”.

There is a trait between procrastination and creativity, and this is because the concept of putting things off (procrastination) helps you to get creative.

For example, you wanted to write a book of five (5) chapters. You could have finished it in two days but you decided to do some other things instead.

In the course of the distractions, you stumbled on something that gave you another idea. Therefore, you can stretch your book from the five (5) chapters you earlier planned to many seven (7) chapters or even ten (10).

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2.      Procrastination Helps You to Lower Your Expectations

It is not a bad idea to think of how to do big things in a small way. It is also not a bad idea to think of how to complete a voluminous task in a short time.

The problem is that you may not be able to do so if you don’t have the right skills and strategies to actualize the same.

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At the onset, you may have higher expectations of how the outcome of what you wanted to do will look like.

You need to know that most projects may have higher goals at the onset but the outcome can be low. That often leads to disappointments.

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By procrastinating, you will be able to look into those things that could have been “fluffy” in your project.

That way, using procrastination as a tool helps you to lower your expectations and avoid getting disappointed in the end.

3.      Lack of Time Bolsters Healthy Procrastination

Procrastination as creative strategy means that you have to keep it healthy. The idea is that you will be forced to get back to work when you have limited time.

Because many people have been wired to only get things done when they are running out of time, procrastination can be beneficial if you are one of such people.

For example, if a client handed you a job with a deadline of a week, you may want to leave it to attend to other things. However, when the deadline is two days away, you will get back to work, and complete the project faster than you imagined.

4.      Procrastination is Healthy

Is there really anything like “healthy procrastination?” I guess so!

Really, procrastination can keep you in a good state of health. Talk of having a clean bill of health simply because you decided to stop working on a project for a while!

Ideally, people who procrastinator are in a good state of health because they are not stressed and they are not in a hurry to get things done – a characteristic of working under pressure and getting worked up.

5.      You Become Tactic with Delay when You Procrastinate

You may not know it but when you procrastinator, you will be able to master the art of delay.

You wouldn’t be someone that is pushed around. You would rather be someone that takes time to look at things and handle the same squarely.

6.      Procrastination Helps You Focus on the “Do’s”

I know that you have a lot of jobs on your plate. Everyone does!

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However, what differentiates you from the others is how you prioritized your tasks.

One of the good things about procrastination is that it helps you to go back to the drawing board and look at the things you really need to do.

You will then focus on the most important tasks and get them done before considering the less important ones.

7.      Procrastination Helps You to Adapt to Changes

I was once handed a project and because I had many others at hand, I decided to leave that project for some time. By the time I submitted, I had added the latest trends to make it a good read.

You see, if I had written on the project at that time, I would miss out on the latest events.

That is another benefit of procrastination. It helps you to adapt to changes.

So, instead of handing in a project or job in “good time” and having it rejected because it doesn’t have enough facts, take your time to work on it and make it worth the read.

You Will Benefit A Lot By Procrastinating

You may have heard that you shouldn’t “put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” But, what if you couldn’t be able to do it today?

You need to start regarding procrastination as creative strategy instead of something that “kills time” as you may have come to see it.

When you procrastinate, you will have enough time to get things done, and rightly too.

Do you procrastinate? How has it been helpful to you?

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