8 Accelerated Ways to Achieve Your Goals in 2020

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Ways to Achieve Your Goals
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The year 2020 started with many people around the world making New Year Resolutions and you may be looking for ways to accelerate your goals in 2020.

The first month has passed and some people are yet to achieve the goals they set. Some are yet to figure out what they intend doing too. If you’ve set yours but you are looking for accelerated ways to achieve your goals in 2020, you can be confident that the ideas below can help you.

1.     Define and Write Down the Goals

You may not be able to make headway with achieving your goals if you have not written it down. You may need a guide to help you set your goals too! Now, define and write down the goals you want to achieve. That way, you can be sure of what you want to make out of the year.

2.     Pick One Goal at a Time

Trying to accomplish all your goals at a time is similar to looking for houses in the desert. Working at accomplishing many goals at the same time can sap you of energy and make it hard to even complete one.

The rule of thumb is to pick one goal at a time. You may want to start with the most important and work your way down to the others that are on the list.

3.     Connect with Like Minds

No man is an island and you are not one too! That is why you need to connect with people who share the same aspiration with you. Doing so makes it easier for you to share ideas and get valuable tips on how to achieve your goals and dreams in 2020 and even beyond.

The like minds you are connecting with can come in different forms, such as a leadership group or a paid membership platform where you pay your way through to become successful at what you do.

4.     Damn the Consequences and Crush Your Goals

Do you know that success can be far away from you even without your knowing it? Yes, it does happen sometimes and you are thinking you are on the right path when you are not.

Do you know of any threatening situation that is trying to reduce your chances of taking action to achieve your goals? Don’t run away from it. Crush it and accomplish that goal like your life depends on it.

5.     Be Grateful for Little Successes but Keeping Aiming

It is pertinent that you rejoice over any little success you make when you take steps to achieve your goals. Doing that makes it easier for you to understand that you are progressing. It will also serve as a buoy for you to keep aiming for more successes and wins.

Yet, NEVER allow that to take the center stage in your zeal to achieve all your goals in 2020. Instead, be grateful and happy for what you achieved and keep striving to break more grounds.

6.     Maintain a Subconscious Mindset

Celebrate your wins but do not leave it at that. You need to maintain a subconscious mindset, which helps keep your eyes off your successes, while you keep aiming to win the more. The rule is simple: remain small in your own eyes!

7.     Maintain an Inner Circle

Not everyone is happy with you and your success as well. That is why you need to keep your circle unique, small, and secret.

Be mindful of who you share your successes and losses with because you may just be triggering the spirit of jealousy and negative energy in the other person. You can be sure that when your foes get wind of what you’ve achieved, they will try to stop you from achieving more, especially when they find it hard to attain the same height.

8.     Honour God

You wouldn’t have been this successful if you didn’t have a supernatural being behind you. Always remember to be grateful to God for helping you come this far and pray for more grace to keep doing more of that.

What Stops You from Achieving Your Goals?

You can see that it can be a stress-free process to set and achieve your goals. I hope you start to take action to achieve your goals this year and beyond.

Do you have any other challenges with achieving your goals? Let me know in the comment section!

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