9 Clear Signs That You Are Ready to Become a Freelancer

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Ready to become a freelancer
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Do you want to know if you are ready to become a freelancer? Have you ever taken out time to think about the future of work? Do you know that more people are becoming freelancers by the day? Maybe you’ve also thought in that direction.

Freelancing offers many juicy opportunities that you may be tempted not to reject. Yet, you are stuck with your regular 9-5 job that brings you fewer fulfillments continues to keep you in captivity amidst financial challenges.

You want to see what it is for you on the other side of the job market, which is dominated by the Freelancing Industry. You want to know the clear signs that you are ready to become a freelancer.

Why Should I Become a Freelancer?

First things first, why should you become a freelancer in the first place when you can always secure another job if the one you have is a pain the ass? The truth is that switching to a freelancing kind of work makes it easier for you to have more time to yourself, just as it helps you to determine the kind of paycheck you take home at the end of the month.

It is goodbye to a bossy boss; goodbye to toxic colleagues, and of course, goodbye to things that threaten to drive you nuts as you continue to work where you are not fulfilled or happy.

What are the Signs That Notify You to Become a Freelancer?

As I mentioned before, working as a freelancer is exciting and the pecks that come with it are unimaginable. Yet, you have to look out for the signs that you are ready to become a freelancer because, without them, you may just be venturing into it only to come out a few months later to look for another white-collar job. So, what are the signs you should look for?

1.      Work as a Freelancer if You Can Flourish on Your Own

You can never become a freelancer if you don’t know how to work on your own. Freelancing is a different kind of job and it demands your attention at all times, at least for the first few years you started it.

So, if you can work on your own and without supervision from your current boss/employer, it is a strong indication that you are ready to become a freelancer.

It is so because you are not doing the “eye service” kind of job where you get working when your employer is around and drop it when he isn’t.

Moreover, you can notice this freelancing trait easily if you can follow your current employer’s instructions to the letter. You can also spot it when you are proactive enough to look for solutions without any third-party influence.

2.      You Work During Off-Business Hours

I must mention that in your quest to learn how to start freelance work, you may discover that you are working even outside the business hours.

A good way to figure this out is when you get home and continue working on your employer’s jobs way into the night so you can have more time to attend to other things during the day.

Freelancers work during off-business hours and if you find yourself doing that often and subconsciously too, it is a clear sign that you are ready to become a freelancer.

3.      You Want Independence

Freelancing empowers you to be your own boss and decide what goes and what doesn’t. Therefore, if you notice you are craving for more independence of late, you may start considering how to start freelancing.

Worthy of mention is that independence isn’t enough. In fact, it can be a problem because you may end losing your enthusiasm for solo-work and start looking for ways to get a regular job where you can interact with people.

4.      You are Ready to Become a Freelancer When Uncertainty Doesn’t Scare You

Look at it this way: the moment you hand in your resignation letter and your employer assents to it, you are on your way to being literally bankrupt because there may be no other source of income at the moment. That is why you need to be sure you wouldn’t be negatively shaken if you encounter (financial) problems when you start freelancing work.

If you are the type of individual that is adventurous and not scared of uncertainties, you can be confident that freelancing is worth trying.

5.      You Have Enough Money in the Bank

This is not the WWE kind of Money in the Bank, lol! But, if you have some money in the bank, you can consider that to be a sign of your being ready to become a freelancer.

Why is it so? It is because your freelance jobs may not pay you handsomely when you started. So, you will be spending more than you earn. That is why you need to have some savings or money in the bank to keep you going until you start making your six figures.

There are many freelancing jobs you can take up. If you are not sure of the one to start with, this guide will reveal some of the works a freelancer does, and which you can do too!

6.      You Have Worked Part-Time

Not everyone wishes to take up a full-time job. Some people prefer working part-time. So, if you have some considerable experience working on a part-time job, you can be sure that you will excel when you become a freelancer.

That is because freelancing is a part-time kind of job that allows you to set up the schedule of your job and how you want it done.

7.      You Want Others to Play by Your Rules

Your current employer may have been dropping different kinds of jobs (which you detest anyway but have to do them) on your desk. You cannot say “NO” because that can lead to your getting issued a sack letter.

If you are fed up with that and you want to decide on the kinds of projects and jobs you can take, then you need to start looking at how to become a freelancer. You can then pick or refuse assignments, and get to accept tasks that resonate with your personality and needs.

8.      You Want a Side Hustle

Now, here is the truth many people are shying away from – you can still work as a freelancer without quitting your current job. It is usually the case when you want something else to bring in the money after you must have been done with your regular 9-5 job.

9.      You Want to Earn Six Figures

I saved the best for the last. You don’t have to start looking at the financial aspects when you want to become a freelancer. It can dissuade you and keep you gunning for the money only to stop when the money doesn’t come as you expected. Yet, you need to make money as a freelancer.

You are ready to become a freelancer when you are willing to do all it legitimately takes to make six figures. Indeed, freelancing can make you rich if you have built a brand and know your target audience and how to charge them for your services.

Hence, you can become a freelancer when you have set machinery in motion to earn more money than you do in your current place of work.

Are You Ready to Become a Freelancer?

Now that you’ve understood the signs that you are ready to become a freelancer, the question now is “Are You Ready to Become a Freelancer?” You can answer the question in the comment section.

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