5 High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

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Here are the top 5 freelance writing jobs that pay very well. Read this content to discover them!
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Are you looking for the high paying freelance writing jobs in 2020 and beyond? You have come to the right place.

At Chukwukadibia Writes, I am committed to ensuring that freelance writers and content creators are always at the top of their game.

Now, you are wondering about the type of freelance writing jobs for beginners that you can start. There are many of them out there but I don’t want you to go on a wide goose chase.

I will show you all the high paying freelance writing jobs, where to get them, and what you should expect.

This is going to be a long read but if you are looking at making money from writing, I advise you to take the time to read to the end.

How To Find High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

This is one challenge many budding freelance writers have. I was once in that situation before. I didn’t know where and how to start.

You see, when you have an idea of what you must do to start making money from writing, it becomes easier.

But, when you don’t know about that, it may be likened to looking for a needle in a haystack.

You are not the only one looking for how to get your first freelance writing job. I have been receiving many emails and messages from different people.

So, believe me when I tell you that I know how frustrating it can be. I have been there. I know people that are there already. And many other people will still find themselves in the same situation.

You don’t have to worry any further because I have the answers to how to get freelance writing jobs.

Would you like me to show you how to find freelance writing jobs online? The details are in the next paragraphs.

It Starts With A Niche

The first thing you must have in mind is that you can only deem yourself fit to search for freelance writing jobs when you have figured out a niche.

What Is a Niche?

A niche in writing is the specific area where you can thrive the more. It is a particular category of writing where you can write better than you would in the other niches.

You can also break down the niches into sub-niches so you can have a better idea of the sub-categories of the niche you can write better on.

I must mention that in the selection of a niche in writing, you have two options to select from.

For the first option, you are looking at being a generalist in the sense that you can write on a variety of niches.

For the second option, you are considering focusing on the niches you find profitable and the ones you have a passion about.

Of course, you may be sure of the niche you want to start with at the onset. Therefore, consider writing on a variety of niches to see the one you can write better about.

Niche Down

The next step in selecting your freelance writing niche is to niche down. Niching down means breaking down the general niches into sub-niches.

I will give you some instances so you can have an idea of what I am referring to.

If you decide to take Cryptocurrency as your general niche, here are some of the sub-niches you can derive from it:

  • Mining
  • Alternative Coins (Altcoins)
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

If you are writing on finance as the general niche, some of the sub-niches are:

  • Investments
  • Loans
  • Budgeting
  • Personal; finance

The High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs You Can Apply for Today

Thanks for being patient. You also need to be a bit more patient so you can learn more about freelance writing jobs online for beginners.

The jobs I am about to show you are verified and pay more than you can imagine.

Have you honed your writing skill and you are looking to make money from it?

Here are the 5 high paying freelance writing jobs you can apply for today:

1.      Travel

Believe it or not – the global transportation industry is one of the most profitable. At the same time, it is creating an opportunity for you to make money from writing.

At this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people are locked down in their homes waiting for the pandemic to be over.

Do you know how the mad rush will be at the airport? At the bus stations?

People will like to see the world once more after many months of being stuck in one spot. That is why you should start thinking of how to make money as a travel writer.

You may have the skills of explaining terrains and pointing out the locations to people. Maybe you have been doing this on social media only for the likes and comments.

It is time you start monetizing your writing skills by becoming a travel writer. The beauty of this is that you will be helping people navigate the world and at the same time, make money from it.

If you are not sure of where to start from, I advise that you DOWNLOAD MY FREE WRITING GUIDE that helps you figure out what you have to do.

Profitable Freelance Writing Jobs Under Travel

Moving on, you can consider travel writing as a general form of writing. As you already know, there are many types of transportation. From buses to ships and aeroplanes, the options are many.

Therefore, you have to break it down to figure out the sub-niches of travel writing.

I have also made the steps easier for you by breaking down the possible sub-niches you can focus on as a travel writer.

The essence of sub-niches in writing is to help you have a base from where you can grow and dominate a writing niche.

Here are some of the sub-niches of travel writing:

Travel Deals

The first sub-niche of travel writing is Travel Deals. The focus here is on the available deals or options that you have when it comes to travelling.

As you may have known, many travellers are looking to cut costs when travelling. So, it makes a lot of sense to write on the type of deals they will be interested to get before travelling.

It could be using a coupon code to get some offers from the original costs. For example, if a flight costs $100 on a booking platform, you may know of a travel deal that offers 30% off.

Consider writing such a travel deal so the potential travellers will know what they are expected to do to get the deal.

Travel Guides

As much as people are travel guides, you may also want to write an article on that. The point is that with travel guide-like articles to guide them, travellers will be in a better position to know where to find what they are looking for in a location.

Hotel Review

Nobody carries his or her apartment when travelling. Hotels are the commonest places where travellers lodge. You can consider this when looking for high paying freelance writing jobs.

All you need to do here is to review the best hotels in the location where the travellers are headed.

Compare and contrast the hotels indicating the pros and the cons. It is then up to the travellers to use the information availed them to decide on the hotel to lodge.

2.      Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is by far one of the best types of freelance writing jobs. It is one of the most used in the freelance industry and the reasons are obvious.

Clients are looking for writers who will work on a Ghostwriting basis. That way, the client will retain the ownership of the content while the writer will be paid for the job.

Ghostwriting has many sub-niches as well. Here are some of them:

  • Proofreading
  • Book writing
  • Electronic Book (e-book) writing
  • Newsletters

3.      Finance

You can find freelance writing jobs quickly when you know the profitable ones. I just uncovered another and that is finance.

You don’t have to wonder about why finance is on the list of the paid writing jobs. All we do in life has to with finance, doesn’t it?

From the shopping you make at the grocery store to the bills you pay, you have many things to finance.

So, it is not surprising that many people are looking for how to manage their debt lest they become broke. Even when they are broke, they can still do something about it.

They only need to be taught the things they must do to become debt-free. That is where you will come in as a finance writer to write and make your money.

Consider selecting the sub-niches of finance where you have enough strength. Write on that for a while, gain mastery and proceed to try your hands on other niches.

Sub-Niches of Finance

Finance is broad and should be considered a general writing niche. To break things down further, consider writing on some of the sub-niches:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Financial security
  • Insurance
  • Loans and investments
  • Budgeting

4.      Health

Well, we all need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Even when you don’t have enough money in the bank, you will be aiming to have good health.

You can take up health freelance writing jobs online and start creating content on how people can live a healthy lifestyle.

Just like every other writing niche I have discussed, the health niche can also be broken down. The essence of doing that is to get better at a sub-niche. Otherwise, focusing generally on the health niche can confuse you because it is very broad.

Here are some of the sub-niches of the health niche that you can consider when looking for freelance writing jobs:


You can lead a healthy lifestyle when you are fit. Besides, there are many aspects of fitness.

You must start with the ones you can handle at the onset and when you have mastered them, consider writing on the others.

Alternative Health

Not all health issues are taken to the hospital or clinic. Some health challenges can be addressed when you use alternative health approaches.

Do you have an idea of some of the ways of using alternative health improve health? You just set yourself on the path to land a freelance writing job quickly.

The reason is that alternative health is booming and when you write on content related to it, the traction will be massive.

To inspire you, here are some of the high paying freelance writing jobs that are under alternative health:

  • Do-It-Yourself health therapies
  • Yoga
  • Essential oils

5.     SEO Writing

I saved the best for the last. What would the global blogging industry be like without Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is one of the ways of driving traffic on the Internet. When you know how to do SEO, I don’t think you should be looking for freelance writing jobs. You are hotcake and should be sort after and not the other way round.

If you need my help in optimizing your content for SEO purposes, use the Contact Form below and I will reply you promptly.

Back to SEO – there are many high paying freelance writing jobs that are considered for SEO purposes alone.

Such content aim at ranking higher on Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Here are some of the kinds of freelance writing jobs that are considered for SEO:

  • Web content
  • Landing pages
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) adverts
  • Blog posts, including Guest Posts

How To Find High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

It is one thing to learn and hone your skills on freelance writing jobs that are rewarding. It is another thing to know where to apply for freelance writing jobs.

I have uncovered many ways you can land your first and subsequent jobs as a freelance writer.

Here are some of them:

Freelancing Writing Sites

By freelancing platforms, I mean the platforms that serve as intermediaries between clients and freelancers.

One of such platforms is Upwork. I have made a short video to show you profitable it is to become a freelance writer on Upwork.

Watch the video here…

I highly recommend that you read my post on how to become a freelance writer on Upwork.

You also need to have your Upwork ready and verified so you can start working as a freelance writer on the platform.

I can help you verify your Upwork account too.

Here are some of the snapshots of my last two months’ earnings on the platform. Do you desire to make that amount and above on Upwork?

Use the Contact Form below to supply me with the details I will need to set up an Upwork account for you.

I will reply you with my fee so I can process your Upwork freelancer application.

Freelance Job Boards

Job boards are also an important place to find a freelance writing job. Hundreds of writing jobs are open on the platform.

Select the one that appeals to you and apply for it. With luck on your side, you will get the job.

Side Note: Your facilitated success at getting a freelance writing job depends on your pitch or proposal. Most times, freelance writers do not land jobs because they used the wrong pitch.

GRAB MY FREELANCE WRITING TEMPLATES now so you can use the over hundred job proposals to land more jobs as a freelance writer.

Position Yourself for Hire

Nobody can be a better cheerleader than yourself. Therefore, position yourself to find writing jobs by saying you are for hire.

You can start by putting out your writing services for hire on social media or telling your family and friends you are looking for writer job openings.

Apply for High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

It is one thing to have the writing skills. It is another thing to know how to make money from writing.

At the same time, you are looking to get the high paying freelance writing jobs because that is where you will make money without sweating it out.

Do you care to know more about the freelance writing opportunities out there?

Drop a comment so I can suggest additional ones you can apply for now.

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