How to Be a Better Youth

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Here is how you can be a better youth.
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Your youthful age is the best time to make decisions. When you are young, you tend to make mistakes and make good decisions too.

It all depends on how you implemented the good decisions you made. It is one thing to decide on doing something good; it is another thing to implement it.

One of the greatest banes that youths have is not being able to implement what they have in mind or take the desired action.

How Can I Be a Better Youth?

If you want to be a better youth, there are some things you must do. While you are trying to break even and become successful, you have to differentiate the good from the bad.

Here are some of the strategies that will guide you on the path of becoming a better youth:

1.      Develop Yourself

At this time, the best thing you can do for yourself is to engage in personal development. Nobody will develop you as much as you wanted. The ball is in your court, and you have to kick it to the goalpost or miss out forever.

The world is already going digital and only the digital-inclined youths can feature in it. Therefore, strive hard to master some important digital skills like writing, graphics design, web development and digital marketing.

2.      Create a Network

The age bracket of 23 to 30 is the best time to make life-changing decisions. And if you must make decisions that will positively favour you tomorrow, the best thing you must do is to create a network.

You will soon realize that your friends will at some point leave or desert you because they aren’t going to feature in the type of positive-minded network you want to create.

The golden rule is to be careful with the friends you make at this time, and if you must have friends, they should have the same progressive mindset as you do.

3.      Don’t Forget God

God is the reason why you exist. Therefore, do well to acknowledge Him in all that you do.

Besides, always being in tune with your spirituality is one of the propelling factors that can take you to the height you desire.

4.      Work Hard

It is time you slept less and worked more. If you have been sleeping for 8 hours a day, the chances are high that you have been sleeping on a bicycle. It is not an easy feat to do that, and definitely, the outcome might not be favourable to you.

The best way to manage your time and remain productive as a youth is to create a timetable that details the different activities you want to engage in and the time you allotted for the same.

5.      Invest

There is no doubt that you will make millions as a youth. Yet, you may become indebted at old age.

That informs the reason why you must invest more than you save. It is your investments of today that can be the source of income tomorrow when you may not have the strength to work as you used to.

Wrapping Up

Being a youth is a great thing, but making the most out of it is the REAL DEAL.

Take charge of your life today and do all you can to be a better youth of today and a fulfilled man of tomorrow.

To Your Continued Success,

Chukwukadibia Abah

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