How to Structure Your Writing Like a 4-Course Dinner

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How to Structure Your Writing
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Do you know those meals that make you salivate when you see them? How do you feel when such meals are passed on to your table? I guess you want to consume it as fast as you can, provided it is as tasty as the looks are. That is the same way your write-ups are meant to captivate your readers to read your content. The question you should ask yourself is “Have I been able to structure my writings in the best way?” Can your target audience click on your content and read them up? If they cannot, I am sure that using these tips to structure your writing can help you a great deal.

The 4-Course Dinner Format

As I mentioned earlier, a meal can captivate your attention and get you salivating over it. I now want to use a 4-course dinner format as a way of structuring your writing. Are you ready to “eat” down these writing structure techniques? Let’s go…

1.      The Starter/Appetizer Course

The Starter/Appetizer dinner course here, which is also the first on your dinner menu, is meant to whet your potential readers’ appetite. If you can get them enticed at this stage, it will be easier to lead them on to the next part of your content.

Let’s assume you want to teach your readers how to become a freelancer. You can use the Starter Course we have here to tell them that they can become freelancers when they are ready to fire their bosses. You can be sure that some employees are looking for a way to get a higher-paying job and giving them this line can whet their appetite and get them to read on to see how it can be done.

2.      The Main Course

This is the second most important aspect of your content. You don’t want to create an impression at the beginning only to lose it at this stage. The aim of the Main Course here is to “nourish” your readers and keep them interested to continue reading.

Considering that you’ve told them that they can fire their bosses, you may want to suggest here that they can quit their current jobs and taking up a better job (firing their bosses).

The readers now want to know what more there is to this firing of a boss thing.

3.      The Desert Course

The aim of the Desert Course is to “satisfy the milk tooth” of your readers, in the sense that you are getting them more interested in what you wrote. In this instance, you can point out some of the benefits that come with firing their bosses, such as independence, getting a better paying job such as freelancing and earning six figures in a short while.

Worthy of mention is that the readers may now be yearning to see the practical approach to become a freelancer (assuming that is what you are informing them about) or any other job you feel they will be interested in.

4.      Add a Sweetener

You are almost completing your write-ups. The dinner is over but you want to make the last impression to drive home your points. This is where you add a sweetener, such as “coffee, cognac, or tea”. It is just a way to get your readers’ last attention before you summarize the write-ups.

By serving them chocolates, tea, or cognac, you are offering them some other reasons to keep reading until you complete the write-up. In this case, you may want to show them the steps to become a freelancer. You can also suggest some places where they can get freelancing jobs and how to get clients to patronize their services too. That way, you will get your readers’ attention the more and get them to enjoy the conversation longer than they may have billed to stay.

Structure Your Writing Accordingly

Writing is bliss. You can express your ideas in different ways but your ultimate goal is to get readers to flow with what you wrote. Once you are able to do that, you are sure that you have their attention and they will be ever willing to take the action you want them to take.

Did you learn something today on how to structure your writing? Do you have any other ideas on how to maximize writing structure techniques? Do not hesitate to drop your comments.

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