5 Ways To Write A Breathtaking Proposal As A Freelance Writer

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Here is how write a proposal that converts on Upwork.
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Have you always wanted to learn how to write a proposal for a job as a freelance writer? It can be one of the easiest things to do in the world. Just read on so I will show you how to write a bid proposal for a freelance writing job.

What Is a Bid Proposal?

First things first – what is the bid proposal? You need to understand this before proceeding to understand how to write a highly converting proposal for a freelance writing job.

A bid proposal, which many freelancers call the “Cover Letter” is the specific summary you send out to potential clients telling them about why you are a better candidate for the job.

Aside from allowing you to pitch your skills to the client, the bid proposal also empowers you to explain your qualifications. It also empowers you to explain why you are a better candidate than the other freelance writers are.

How Can I Write a Breathtaking Proposal?

You can write a breathtaking or a highly converting freelance writing proposal if you follow the steps below.

Here are the five major ways to write your proposal. One good thing about these steps is that they are highly converting meaning that your chances of getting a job is higher.

1.      Read the Project Description

You are elated by the fact that you came across a job that looks like what you can handle. You rush off to click the “Submit a Proposal” button (on Upwork) for instance.

However, you failed to understand that you have to read the job descriptions to be sure you can apply to the job.

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Most times, potential clients attach phrases into the job description and they will require you to repeat the phrase before writing your job proposal. When you don’t read the job description, you may never see this.

To that end, it is advised that you read the job description thoroughly to be certain that you have all the requirements to apply to the job.

2.      Underbid Yourself

Although a client has set a fixed price to the job, he or she is also looking to spend less.

Hence, one good way of writing your job proposal as a freelance writer is to underbid yourself.

For example, if the client intends to pay $20 for the job, make it known in your proposal that you will only charge $15.

3.      Proofread Your Job Proposal

Do you make the mistake of just writing your job proposal and submitting it? You may be losing more clients than you attract.

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If you have been doing that, it is time you take a little break to proofread the job proposal.

When you pay more attention to proofreading your job proposals, you tend to spot some errors. If the proposal had been sent that way to the potential client, it may cause the client to consider you unserious.

4.      Select and Include Relevant Samples

Can you put yourself in the position of the client a bit? How would you react to get a pitch or job proposal where the freelancers claim that he or she can do the job without adding a sample of their works?

It is their word against them because they had nothing to prove they have the relevant skills for the job!

In light of that, you will increase your chances of being hired by selecting and including/attaching the relevant samples that relate to the job you are applying to.

5.      Use Actionable Phrases

It is no longer business as usual whereby you claim “I can do the job perfectly.” No, such phrases don’t move a mountain anymore.

Instead, consider using any or more of the following phrases to make your job proposal stand out of the others:

  • I read the job description carefully and I am sure I will handle the project perfectly well
  • I have worked on similar projects as the one you are offering, and I am sure I will exceed your expectations for this project
  • I will complete your project on time and within the budget you set for it
  • I am an experienced freelance writer and I am bringing my many years of experience to make this project successful

Make Your Freelance Writing Bid Breathtaking

There is no rocket science on how to write a bid proposal. You must have an eye for details to identify what the client needs. At the same time, you have to state why you are the best candidate for the job. Don’t forget to attach relevant samples to show you have experience in the field you are looking to be hired.

How do you write your job proposal and how has it helped you in your freelance writing career?

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