How to Make More Money as a Freelancer in 2020

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Do you want to make more money as a freelancer? You need to read this article to get the ideas you desperately need.
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Do you want to know how to make more money as a freelancer in 2020? If there is any year that triggered a boom in the freelancing industry, it is the year 2020.

At the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, many traditional 9-5 employees thought it would be a pandemic of a few months.

It soon became obvious that the pandemic will take more months to clear. So, it wasn’t long before more people sought for additional sources of income.

Considering that many people were now ‘’forced to stay indoors,’’ it made sense that a home-based job opportunity can be the succor. Freelancing saved the day!

If you are a freelancer by chance or by choice, I am sure you are wondering about how to make enough money as a freelancer. You are not the only one looking for more freelance jobs and opportunities.

Freelance for Extra Income

In this article, I will reveal some of the relevant ways to make more money freelancing.

If you apply those steps, I am confident that you will take your freelancing job from where it is currently to the thousand-dollar business you always wanted it to be.

Do you want to learn how to make money freelancing online? It is about to rain more dollars and I am happy to reveal these secrets to you.

But first, if you don’t know what freelancing is all about, I advise you to learn how to start freelancing work before any other thing.

How to Earn More Money Freelancing in 2020

The year 2020 may be in the last quarter, but that doesn’t mean you will end the year with a quarter of a dollar in your bank account.

You still have a fair chance to make more money as a freelancer in 2020 and below are the freelance ideas to make more money before the end of the year.

  1. Pick a Struggle

Freelancing is enough struggle already, isn’t it? But, there are more struggles that you can imagine in this kind of work.

The moment you decided to become a freelancer, you automatically signed up to go through a lot of pain too.

If you are not frustrated by constant researches that don’t seem to be giving the results you want; you will be trying to keep your cool from clients that are breathing down your neck.

However, the struggle just got real, and if you must remain consistent at what you do, you must learn how to bear the pressure.

So, the first thing you must do as a freelancer that wants to make more money is to pick a struggle, which in this case means deciding on the type of work you want to do.

You see, the freelancing industry is quite large to accommodate everyone. Yet, the secret to making money from a massive market as this is to be unique.

One of the best ways is to decide and focus on a particular freelancing niche you want to be known for.

In my case, I focused on Freelance Writing, and that is the driving force that buoyed me to establish this platform, Chukwukadibia Writes.

You need to understand that there are many kinds of jobs that you can handle on a remote or freelance basis.

For example, you may decide to become a freelance writer. If you need help on getting started, download my FREE GUIDE so you will have an idea of what to expect.

Second, you may want to be a freelance graphic artist. You may also consider freelance web development.

There are many projects that you can work on without necessarily working from an office. So, your first and major decision is to decide on the freelance niche you want to feature in.

And have in mind that some freelance niches can be lucrative more than the others are. For example, freelance writers can make $2000 and above in a month.

You may want to enroll for my exclusive training, Freelance Writing Millionaires Masterclass Edition 3 where I will lead you by the hand to make money from writing.

2. Who Is Your Client?

Well, you have to be honest to yourself here. Do you know your target market, or you are just testing the waters to see the one that’s deeper?

If there is anything that can make you more money as a freelancer in 2020, it must be your mastery of your client base.

One of the ways to make more money freelancing is to define the type of clients you want to work with.

Because you want to make more thousands of dollars every month, it makes sense that you pitch your freelancing skills to clients that have a large budget.

That way, you will be providing those clients with exactly the services they need while they reward you handsomely for a job well done.

3. Package Yourself

Nobody will market you and your freelance skills better than you would. It is time you became your cheerleader and the face of your brand.

See, you can freelance for extra income when you package yourself. And what do I mean? I mean that you should learn how to place a price on the services you offer.

Understandably, you want to charge lower rates than other freelancers do so you can attract more clients.

But, there is more to attracting more clients to patronize your freelance business than just reducing the rates.

These days, clients prefer quality over quantity and if you are still stuck in the low-pricing brouhaha, it is time you moved on.

Learn how to increase the value of the services you offer. That will, in turn, help you to increase the amount you can charge for the freelance services you render.

4. Call the Money by Its Name

Let’s get back to the roots. Have you worked on your mindset? If there is one important element that will put more cash into your pocket as a freelancer, it is your mindset.

If you already programmed your mind never to make a thousand dollars as a freelancer every month, there is no way you can go beyond that.

So, work on your mind! And when you have done that, it will be time to do the real homework.

It is now time to call the money by its name. You should start snapping out of the belief that you will make 6 figures a year as a freelancer.

I would rather call that a long-term goal, which, in most cases, is unrealizable. And that is because you will think that you have more months to cover up for the months you didn’t make the amount you wanted.

So, instead of thinking of how to make more money as a freelancer in a year, it is best you narrow it down to a month, weeks or even days.

The beauty of this is that it helps you to maintain focus at all times. Imagine that you set your mind to make $1,000 in a week. And in a month, you have about $4000 and above.

Isn’t that way better than hoping to make $20,000 in a year and you later ended up making a mere $10,000?

So, decide on how much you want to make every day, every week and every month. You can make $1,000 as a freelance writer before December 25, 2020, if you enroll for this Masterclass.

5. Time Is Money

There is one thing I love about Upwork. As a freelancer on the platform, I get to decide on the number of hours I can work.

For instance, I once got a long-term writing contract from one of my clients. The deal was to work for 10 hours in a week. And each hour costs $15. That implies that I make $150 from one client alone in 1 week. And in a month, that translates to well over $600.

The amazing thing about this is that you will begin to appreciate time. You will then start thinking of how to make more money as a freelancer in 2020 based on the number of hours you worked and not just the number of words you wrote.

To that end, take the time to decide on how much monetary value you want to place on your time. Is an hour of your time worth $100 or more?

When you define the value of your time, you can then be in a better position to accept or decline freelance jobs that would demand more of your time and pay you less.

You Can Make More Money as a Freelancer in 2020

There are lots of freelance opportunities that you can seize right now and make a decent sum of money before the end of the year.

Now, you have realized some of the additional freelance for cash opportunities that you can leverage at all times to increase your earnings as a freelancer.

How do you make more money as a freelancer? Let me know via the comment section!

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