5 Best Neighborhoods for Singles and Young Millennial to Live in Dallas

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here are some of the affordable neighborhoods in Dallas that has everything you need to enjoy your bachelorhood.
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Are you looking for the best places to live in Dallas 2020? As a young man or woman, you are not sure if you are moving or packing to the best neighborhood in Dallas.​

Dallas is a city surrounded by eateries and late-night spots that will keep you entertained. Amidst the tons of exciting surprises and fun places in the city, you want to find out the neighborhoods that bring you closer to the fun than the others do.​

In this article, you will find out popular areas to live in Dallas as a single man or woman or as a millennial that is looking for fun places to unwind after a hard day’s work.​

  1. Oak Lawn​

    If there is anything the older generation cannot ignore about millennials, it is their drive and desire to get things done in the best way they could.​

    Considering that millennials are continually looking for more opportunities to express themselves, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Oak Lawn is one of the best places for young people to live in Dallas.​

    Of course, there are a couple of factors that will ignite the interest of young people to live in this suburb.​

    First, you must understand that Oak Lawn is home to the LGBTQ community who with their artsy vibe, exuberate more influence on millennials.​

    Second, it is one of the largest cities in Dallas with over 30,000 progressive-minded millennials who surround themselves with counterculture and celebrate their diversity.​

    Besides, relishing the diversity in the location isn’t all you stand to gain. You also want to rock to gay music, dine in a variety of chic restaurants, and shop in luxury boutiques. That is not leaving out the vibrant nightlife that has made this northwest of downtown one of the best places to live in Dallas in 2020.​

  2. Deep Ellum​

    If blues and art life is what you enjoy the most, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to look for apartments in Deep Ellum Dallas because that is where all the actions happen.​

    Established as far back as 1873, Deep Ellum has since become a figurehead in the Dallas nightlife thanks to the jazz and blues that make it a haven for music lovers.​

    Music isn’t all there is to enjoy in Deep Ellum because the city has a whole lot of other vibrant walkable features that you will like to identify with. For example, you want to be there live when the Deep Ellum Arts Festival holds down artist lovers for three long nights. The same happens when local tattoo artists and punk rock music dominates the night during The Elm St. Music & Tattoo Fest.​

    If you have lived with the idea that all there is to Deep Ellum is to fox-trot with friends, it is time you discard that perception and look at the other side of fun. From artists that are die-hard fans of this hood to multiple recording studios and galleries, Deep Ellum is a deep place to enjoy classy music with occasional highlights of craft beer, street art, and late-night offerings.​

  3. Uptown​

    A lot of fun-catching and street living is available downtown. A lot more are available if you are lucky to get an apartment in the Uptown of Dallas.​

    Uptown of Dallas wasn’t this popular, at least in the 1980s. But, with consistency and improvements in all spheres, it has become one of the converging spots for millennials in Dallas.​

    Living here is an express guarantee to fun, socialization, and tons of places to visit. With over a hundred shops, a population of over 20,000, and over 200 restaurants, Uptown is where you get to relax or when you take a break from social media.​

    Uptown struggled to find its footing in Dallas in the ’80s ahead of the birth of the millennials in the early ’90s. ​

    Now, the tables have turned and singles are the ones now looking to fit into the $1,000+ rent for apartments in this Dallas neighborhood.​

    But, if you are passionate about all-around entertainment, art and culture, it wouldn’t make you poor to spend a couple of thousands to fit into this leading millennial neighborhood that has everything you need to enjoy your life in Dallas.​

  4. Downtown​

    Downtowns are integral parts of many cities. While these locations are mostly considered suburbs for the poor or financially redundant peeps, it doesn’t hold the same for young people who are out to have fun.​

    With an abundance of artistic districts and art centers, you would never run out of artistic impressions to keep you happy.​

    Some of the popular art destinations in Dallas Downtown include the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the Meyerson Symphony Center.​

  5. Lower Greenville​

    Lower Greenville puts you in the center of some of the things millennials like the most – bars, walkability, and foods.​

    With a population of 9,000 people (mostly millennials) and a list of top restaurants and bars, Lower Greenville is a Dallas city you want to live in to enjoy your youthful life.​

    Foodies are mostly thrilled thanks to the varieties of restaurants and cuisines for you to select from. For example, you want to dine at the wood-paneled Dubliner restaurant where you get to enjoy a plate of curry fries and an Irish whiskey without worrying if you have to break a bank to afford the meal.​

    On the other hand, the inviting Steel City Pops is there to offer you varieties of sweets to satisfy your palate. From mango habanero to lavender lemonade, you have many options to pop into your mouth when your sweet tooth starts looking for something to make it happy.​

    Moreover, eating isn’t all you can do at Lower Greenville because there are several theaters with thrilling movies you want to see. Granada Theater is one theater that has consistently featured popular movies. The theater is also home to live music, especially those from big names like Adele and Bob Dylan.​


    Affordable neighborhoods are readily available in Dallas, and your life as a single man or woman will be spiced up the more if you live in any of the aforementioned locations.​

    So, there you have them – some of the popular locations you can live in Dallas and live your life to the fullest.​

    Which of the Dallas neighborhoods do you want to live in and why do you think it is the best place for you to live?

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