Shocking Reasons Why Writers Are the Poorest People on Earth

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Here are the shocking reasons why many writers are still poor!
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Time and again, many people have been made to believe that writers are one of the “richest people in the world.” Based on this, many tend to regard writers as “walking bags of money” because they have been made to believe that writers have “all the money in the world”.

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Do Writers Make Good Money?

On the contrary, writers are the poorest people on earth. If this comes as a shocker to you, the ideas written down in this article will shock you the more.

If you have for some reasons thought about how many writers make it, the views you will read here will help you gain clarity on whether it does pay to be a writer.

I must mention that this article is mainly for particular people. I already know that some people will be up in arms either because they misunderstood the views herein or they simply don’t want to hear the truth.

The primary aim is to enlighten you and many other writers who are either tired of “taking peanuts for your writing services” or who may have been looking for how to make a living as a writer.

Without much ado, and without rendering more writers bankrupt, let us look at some of the shocking reasons why writers are the poorest people on earth.

1.      Most Writers Can’t Stand Rejection

Wait! Were you thinking that everybody will accept you? It is important to mention that not all the people in the world will be interested to read what you wrote. Those that read will either churn (stop reading your write-ups after the first attempt), or they will be waiting for when you will make a mistake for them to stop reading from you.

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In such cases, you tend to get depressed and have the feeling that nobody wants to read what you have taken time to write. It is painful. I know.

However, that has also been the basis for the “poor” status of many writers all over the world. Because they have the erroneous belief that they are not up to the standards and the expectations of people, they tend to either take a different career or stop accepting writing jobs for some time.

Of course, you may have known that having few or no client means that you wouldn’t have a source of income. And like someone that gives in to slumber, you will soon get poorer than you imagined.

That is the sad fate of many writers and it is one of the reasons why writers are poor.

2.      Not Giving Valuable Results

Not everyone will be a James Hadley Chase or a William Shakespeare. However, if writers can take up the challenge and start looking for ways to give value to their readers, they will be rescued from the shackles of poverty.

But, like a tale of poverty and survival, many writers have since fallen into the abyss of “writing-inclined poverty” and from the look of things, they may not climb out anytime soon.

Why is that so? Such writers didn’t give value!

You see, readers have many writers to read from. So, when they stop by and read what you wrote, they expect to get a whole new experience.

The moment they realize that you don’t “have anything to bring to the table,” they tend to “give up on you” and proceed to the next writer(s).

Hence, this time, it is no longer about the criticisms you get alone. It is more of how you have been able to make positive impacts in the lives of your readers via valuable content.

In the absence of that, writers tend to be poor because they will not only be losing traffic (more readers); they will also be losing potential clients who may be interested in their services.

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3.      Writers are Afraid to Sell

Believe it or not, writers become poorer when they refuse to sell. It may not be a blunt refusal but when you look at the records (the one on “how much do writers make 2019”) for instance, you will see that there is a gap in the writers’ income.

That is because many writers have subscribed to the notion that writers should focus on using their creative skills to make money and not look into other things.

As funny as it may sound, some writers are afraid to sell. They are of the belief that they are inconveniencing someone – when they aren’t!

It is pertinent to mention that every one of us sells in one way or the other. Selling is a part of human existence. Hence, you have to sell or offer a service so you can be able to make additional income as a writer.

4.      Most Writers are Like the Size of Their Belief

You see, most of the things we do today are because of our thoughts and mindsets. The moment you begin to aim at something and start pursuing it with all you’ve got, you tend to achieve that goal sooner or later.

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The same happens to you when you are a writer that thinks small. You will be like the size of your belief in the sense that you wouldn’t be able to think bigger. A diminished mindset is one of the battles most writers face, and till date, they haven’t seemed to get a solution for it.

As Dr David Schwartz (the author of The Magic of Thinking Big) posited, “the size of your success is determined by the size of your belief.”

Therefore, when writers begin to think of smaller opportunities, they tend to expect little achievements.

5.      Some Writers Don’t Know the Business Side of Writing

It is worthy of mention that some writers have remained poor until today because they failed to master the “business side of writing.”

The business side of writing as used in the context above simply means the different ways writers can be able to make money.

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So, if you as a writer haven’t mastered and started using those skills, you tend to be like the bad writers who think they are good because they actually don’t have anything to show for their “efforts.”

Wrapping Up

You have seen that the poverty rate that is commonplace among writers is mainly because of their inability to make the needed adjustments.

What other reasons support the fact why writers are the poorest people on earth?

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