Yahoo of the Street

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Yahoo of the Street
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Tall and smart​

He always had the best grades during his university days.​

He is the type that was optimistic of a better tomorrow.​

You know how it is – he hoped to finish his studies and ​

take up a white-collar job in one of the Federal Government offices.​

Or if the worse gets to worst – he would apply for a job as a lecturer in one of the universities in the country.​

But here he was,​

6 years after his Masters​

No job​

No money in the bank​

And no one to help him with his life dreams of becoming an IT genius.​


‘’This life no balance at all o!’’​

That became his daily affirmation.​

And nature took note,​

And made his life not to be balanced.​

If he was just jobless, that would be easy to endure.​

But, to be jobless, and seeing some of his age mates who ​

neither saw the four walls of a university,​

Nor have the skill of adding 1 plus 1 to give 2,​

Driving the latest G-Wagon and frequenting clubs on weekends;​

It was too much for him to bear.​

He wondered why bad things happen to good people.​

Those age mates of his could neither read nor write as fluently as he does.​

Yet, they have fat bank account balances.​

Hunger led to frustration and frustration led to anger.​

So, he sought to learn from them about the source of their wealth.​

At first, they wouldn’t let him into the loop.​

For they believed he was not a man of their type.​

He is the Godly type.​


Full of morals​

So, he is not cut out for their type of business.​

But, when he came to them the next week and the week after that,​

Seeking to learn of their path to wealth,​

They decided to give him some hints.​

Caleb, the closest of his friends and one of them took him aside and made efforts to fill him the details.​

‘’Alfred, you sabi do yahoo?’’ he asked him.​

The question took Alfred aback.​

For one, he had received lots of insult because he was jobless.​

But, for someone to indirectly insult him in his area of specialization is more than he could bear.​

He specialized in IT-related courses as an undergraduate.​

So, it would be a direct insult for someone to ask him that question, and he didn’t waste time to make his feelings about that known.​

‘’Caleb, it’s true I came to ask for your help as a friend. But, it doesn’t mean you should insult me in the process of trying to do that.’’​

A bit taken aback by the response, Caleb asked ‘’Why you dey talk like that nah? I only asked you a simple question. And I need a simple answer – you fit do yahoo?”​

‘’Why I no go fit do yahoo?’’ Alrfed retorted.​

’’No be the same Yahoo Messenger that I used to submit my project before defense?’’​

For 3 minutes, Caleb continued to laugh.​

When he had enough of his laughter, he turned to Alfred and said,​

‘’Bro, the yahoo of the street is different from the yahoo you have been using.’’ ​

‘’I and other of our friends are doing the yahoo of the street. So, if you want to make money like we do, you have to join us in this type of yahoo.’’​

‘’Are you in or out?’’​

At this point, Alfred became puzzled.​

But, if the ‘’yahoo of the street’’ as Caleb called it can make a ’’blockhead’’ like Caleb to be so rich, he wouldn’t mind learning how it works.​

So, he opted in and that was how he sojourned into the unending world of cyber-crime where grand robberies, blackmails and looking over one’s shoulder for the rest of life is the order of the day.​

And one thing that is evident here was that Alfred took to his new path of supposed wealth during yuletide.​

There are many Alfred’s out there and yuletide is already around the corner.​

Say no to cyber-crime.​

Your future is bright!​

To Your Continuous Success,​

Chukwukadibia Abah

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